The College employs approximately 50 teaching staff and 20 ancillary staff.


Each year a small number of staff retire or change employment or have extended leave. These positions are advertised within the Recruitment On-Line web site.

DEECD Recruitment Online


The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registers teachers working in Victorian schools.  All practising Victorian teachers are required to be registered by the VIT.

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)


Current Positions

Details of positions will be made available as required.


Please apply for these positions through the Department of Education’s Recruitment Online process: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/careers/Pages/advacsSCH.aspx



Casual Relief Teaching (CRT)

Valuable experience can be gained in casual or short-term teaching positions. This type of employment may suit your lifestyle needs and allows you to ascertain if teaching at a particular school or location suits you.


Because of the nature of the CRT employment it is important to make contacts and become known in the area where you are seeking employment.


Make an appointment to visit and discuss employment opportunities with Wendy Mapperson (Daily Organiser), Crusoe College


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