Brad Madden



Brad has been Principal of the college since 2016. He leads  the college by building a learning environment that supports and encourages all students to strive to achieve their best. He ensures that  high quality instruction in the skills students need to pursue their goals & pathways are delivered and fosters the relationships that are needed to support students as they develop and progress through school.

Richelle Hollis

Assistant Principal


Richelle has been in the role of Assistant Principal since January 2013. Her key area of responsibility is to manage the Learning and Teaching Program across the college.      Richelle is also a teacher of German.

Suzie Janssen

Dyson Community Leader


Suzie has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2018. She is passionate about developing meaningful relationships with students in order to support a learning environment that continuously motivates all students to excel.

Sam Mills

Ipsen Community Leader


Sam has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2009. He co-ordinates the college’s whole school assemblies and is a leader in implementing Restorative Practices across the school.

Craig Kelly

Yates Community Leader


Craig has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2017. He co-ordinates the college's eLearning program. He is passionate about students striving to achieve their best and has been instrumental in linking the Work Completion Policy to the Graduation Policy.

Joel McLean

White Community Leader


Joel  has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2018. His aim is to inspire, motivate, encourage and guide students by providing a safe and secure environment, which nurtures individualism, to educate them socially, emotionally and cognitively so they can be confident and independent life-long learners.

Drew Roberts

Learning Specialist


Drew is one of our Learning Specialists. His role in the school is to work with teaching staff to strengthen their pedagogical knowledge and understanding. One of his hey roles is to work with staff in developing rubrics for assessment.


Debbie Spencer-Jones

Wellbeing Leader


Debbie is passionate about working with students who are disengaged with school and heads up the College’s S.W.I.T.Ch re-engagement program.


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Louise Phillips

Learning Specialist


Louise is one of our new Learning Specialists. She is a highly skilled classroom practitioner with deep knowledge and expertise in quality teaching and learning. Louise’s role is to model excellence in teaching and learning through demonstration lessons, to mentor and coach teachers in improving their skill, knowledge and effectiveness of teaching, to observe and provide feedback to other teachers and to facilitate school-based professional learning.


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