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Crusoe College provides students with a wide range of opportunities to be involved in school camps. All students are encouraged to participate, however it is not compulsory.

MIPS and Careers Info

Chantelle McMillin

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Peter Scott

Arts Domain Leader

Iain Stewart

Maths Domain Leader

Mark Wrzesinski


Gwenda Pratt

Koorie Engagement Support Officer

Simon Penrose

Health and PE Domain Leader

Steve Crouch

Science Domain Leader

Chris Musk

Debutante Ball

Gwenda Pratt


Catherine Poussard

Humanities Domain Leader

Julie Stephenson

Technology Domain Leader

Steve Donaldson

Enrolment Enquires

Carol Anderson

Global Learning Centre Leader

Sharon Marchingo

Languages Domain Leader

Alex Pederick

Energy Breakthrough

Al Sharp

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Rob Sbaglia

English Domain Leader

Kaylene Matotek and Sharon Marchingo

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