Katie McKellar

College Captain


I am extremely fortunate to have been chosen as one of the Crusoe College Captains for 2017. The role of student leadership is very important in the college environment. It helps students to step up and have their say in what they believe, and it also helps level out responsibility in organising activities in the college.


We have been fortunate to have been invited to attend primary schools assemblies and present up and coming leaders with their well-earned badges. It’s amazing to be able to be a part of these presentations.


So far, it has been an enjoyable start to the school year for all the Crusoe Captains and it is bound to be an amazing year of extraordinary opportunities for the four of us.

Ryan Robinson

College Vice Captain


When I was chosen to become a Vice Captain of Crusoe College, I was thrilled.  I want to give back to the college community. It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to participate in additional extra-curricular activities as well as to be able to help the college community as a whole.


To be a leader, you don’t have to be the fastest, smartest or the most involved person. Everyone is a leader in their own way. I was not as involved as other students so to change that, I applied to be a College Captain to gain extra skills to help me in the future.


To be a leader you need to show a willingness to learn, have respect for others and be trustworthy. I believe all people have these traits and can become leaders. Leadership is not only about opportunities, it is also about who you can teach, who you can listen to, who you can help and who you can inspire.

Jaidyn Berry

College Captain


Being a leader has a lot of beneficial opportunities and pathways that people can follow and join. It can open up a lot of leadership opportunities through higher levels of education, because you have already experienced what it takes to be a leader.


Being involved as a Crusoe College Captain, and showing the skills and knowledge gained in this role, could lead to opportunities like taking up a leadership role in a sporting club or an employer.


The experience, skills and confidence will follow you through your working life. Being a leader gives you the opportunity to grow and face everyday tasks and challenges, it gives you the opportunity to go further in life and make a difference to other people’s lives.

Mikaela Beagley

College Vice Captain


Being elected as Vice-Captain and being able to represent Crusoe College and its students is a privilege that I take seriously. I am eager to gain more knowledge and experience as a leader to generate new ideas to bring to the fore at my school.


I am enthusiastic for the year ahead. I am keen to expand my leadership qualities, with the insight of my fellow peers aiding my development of new skills. Together we will develop skills through public speaking, presenting at primary schools and school assemblies and attending leadership meetings. We will also develop skills by way of feedback and communication from our peers, teachers and each other.


Through learning and developing new skills, we will improve our capacity through working together as co-captains. With new found confidence and knowledge we know we will have a positive impact on the school and our fellow students, this year and in future endeavours.

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